Nintendo Switch app turns the Joy-Con into an infrared tripwire

A new app set to debut on the Nintendo eShop later this week promises to turn your Switch into a spy gadget. Well, sort of. A replacement for a competent home security system, this is not. But, it does sound like a clever little app that could keep spy-loving kids entertained for a while.

Spy Alarm, from publisher Sabec, uses the infrared sensor on the right Joy-Con to create an invisible trip wire of sorts. Simply place the controller on a flat surface and point it towards the area you want to guard. If someone or something breaks the beam when the app is armed, an alarm will sound.

Sabec said there are four different alarm sounds, and even a data logger that records details about each time an alarm was triggered. Range is limited at around one meter, making it ideal for doorways and other semi-narrow spaces like hallways.

Sabec is the same publisher that put out the $9.99 scientific calculator app for the Switch earlier this month. Spy Alarm will also command $9.99 when it drops on May 27.

If you’re actually looking for a true security solution but don’t want to spend much money, consider something like a Wyze cam. For less than the cost of a couple large pizzas, the Wyze Cam V3 offers 1080p video quality, IP65 weather resistance for indoor or outdoor use, free 14-day cloud storage and a microSD card slot for continuous recording.